Aurora Borealis - 2012 Gallery

Northern Lights - Nordlys

October 13, 2012.

Beautiful multicolored aurora above the mountains. Here are a couple images from 23.05 -23.50.

October 9, 2012.

Beautiful green aurora dancing with the Moon over the mountain peaks in the early morning of October 9. Here are a few images from 02 -02.35 am.

April 25, 2012.

Beautiful pillars of green and pink aurora dancing over the mountain peaks of the Summørs Alps in the early morning of April 25 here are a couple of images from about 02.10 am.


March 04, 2012.

A brief display of the northern lights, lasting only a few minutes, around 20.30 local time. This photo was taken at 20.33 under a moon lit sky.

January 22-23, 2012

Strong and beautiful auroras. Here are a few vistas.


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