NLC 2007 Season









 LOCATION: Ørsta, Norway
Lat: 62.200 N  Long: 6.183

August 10, 2007

The north-western sky was bright due to NLCs. Unfortunately it was partly clouded where the NLCs were present. I observed NLCs early in the morning of August 10.  Time indicated on the images are GMT + 2 (CET daylight savings time). 



Used a telephoto lens to zoom in on this nlc. It is fascinating to see the structures of NLCs.

July 21, 2007

The sky is gradually getting darker as the days of July are running by. My second night of NLC observations took place early in the morning of Saturday 21. I was out photographing from am 00.51 to am 2 local time, Here are a few.







June 29/30 2007

My first NLC observations of the season took place on the night of June 29/30. The night sky is still bright here on the 62nd lat. N. Which is quite apparent when you look at the pictures.  



This picture shows NLC of Type II. Bands were visible to the North.

This picture shows NLC of Type II & III.

Page will be updated with new observations during the NLC season.

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