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Shooting Date/Time: 08/13/2011 02:01:46 (UT+2) (Daylight savingstime))


Equipment: Canon 300D, 18-55mm lens, 300 LINES/MM SPECTROSCOPIC TRANSMISSION GRATING, Vixen GP2 mount, remote controller RC-5.


Exposure data: ISO: 800, total exposure: 30 sec




In spectroscopy light from an object is dispersed into its components colors. By doing that it is possible to derive more physical information from the object. Such as temperature, mass, luminosity and composition. 


In this section of my webpages. I will present some of my own spectroscopy work, using modest equipment. Such as webcamera and DSLR. I have two transmission gratings a 300 Lines/MM grating and a (1.25") Star Analyser 100 (100 lines/mm) which is easily accomodated in ccd cameras, webcams, dslr, and oculars. 



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