IAU Circulars

J. Sollerman, J. Andersson, M. Gustafsson, P. Jakobsson, G. Oye & F. Patat. Supernovae 2003gk and 2003gl. 2003, IAUC #8164.


Refereed Journals

Bottcher, M., J. Harvey, M. Joshi, M. Villata, C. M. Raiteri, D. Bramel, R. Mukherjee, T. Savolainen, W. Cui, G. Fossati, I. A. Smith, D. Able, H. D. Aller, M. F. Aller, A. A. Arkharov, T. Augusteijn, K. Baliyan, D. Barnaby, A. Berdyugin, E. Benitez, P. Boltwood, M. Carini, D. Carosati, S. Ciprini, J. M. Coloma, S. Crapanzano, J. A. de Diego, A. Di Paola, M. Dolci, J. Fan, A. Frasca, V. Hagen-Thorn, D. Horan, M. Ibrahimov, G. N. Kimeridze, Y. A. Kovalev, Y. Y. Kovalev, O. Kurtanidze, A. Lahteenmaki, L. Lanteri, V. M. Larionov, E. G. Larionova, E. Lindfors, E. Marilli, N. Mirabal, M. Nikolashvili, K. Nilsson, J. M. Ohlert, T. Ohnishi, A. Oksanen, L. Ostorero, G. Oye, I. Papadakis, M. Pasanen, C. Poteet, T. Pursimo, K. Sadakane, L. A. Sigua, L. Takalo, J. B. Tartar, H. Terasranta, G. Tosti, R. Walters, K. Wiik, B. A. Wilking, W. Wills, E. Xilouris, A. B. Fletcher, M. Gu, C.-U. Lee, S. Pak, and H.-S. Yim

Coordinated Multiwavelength Observation of 3C 66A during the WEBT Campaign of 2003-2004
ApJ, 631, 169 (2005)

Meteorite. The International Quarterly of Meteorites and Meteorite Science. August 2005.
-Report from ESA Conference.
G. Øye

Popular Science


 Foto av STEVE for the Norwegian Space Centre


 Nattlysende Skyer (2005) for the Norwegian Space Centre



                                      Conference / Exhibition

Starstruck The Fine Art of Astrophotography
Starstruck: The Fine Art of Astrophotography will be among the first major exhibitions treating astrophotography as an art genre.
Bates College Museum of Art, Lewiston, Maine, USA
June 8, 2012 – December 15, 2012.

"Starstruck: The Fine Art of Astrophotography": "Traveling Exhibit" April 4th to August 1st, 2014, University of Wyoming Museum of Art. 

"Starstruck: The Fine Art of Astrophotography": "Traveling Exhibit" October 13th, 2014 to January 18th 2015, James A Michener Art Museum

The Atmosphere Exposed: Photographs of Halos, Mirages, Iridescent Clouds…and more!
For the first time in the thirty year history of the International Light and Color in the Open Air Conference a corresponding exhibition is being held. The Atmosphere Exposed: Photographs of Halos, Mirages, Iridescent Clouds…and more!, will be on display in the Boyden Gallery from 12 June to 30 September 2010.
Participated with seven images.


Images also on display at the National Science Foundation  

Washington DC, USA


Photo Publications

NASA/USRA Earth Science Picture Of the Day
Norway Noctilucence September 2, 2005
Romedalen October 6, 2005
Bright Clouds, Dark Sky  November 8, 2005

Sunnmørs Alps  December 17, 2005

Wave Cloud Iridescence  February 16, 2006

Northern Lights Over Norway May 11, 2006
Upper Tangent Arc Above Orsta, Norway June 1, 2007
Magneta Rays  May 1, 2008
Iridescent Clouds Near Ørsta, Norway June 6, 2008
Noctilucent Wave Clouds January 22, 2009
Low Activity Sun  June 26, 2009
Sunnmørs Alps and Lightning Display July 20, 2009
Green Aurora over Ørsta,Norway February 8, 2010
Halo over Ørsta,Norway April 4, 2010
Lunar Halo and Moondog September 25, 2010
Conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter and Lunar Corona January 31, 2011

X-Marks the Spot (The Lunar X) March 02, 2013
Upper Tangent Arc From Ørsta, Norway. April 23, 2013

NASA Earth Observatory also published this photo in their social media(s)
Venus Corona. October 18, 2015
NASA's Spaceweather.Com
         Aurora            September 11, 2005
      Moon Corona December 16, 2005
      Aurora           December 27, 2005
                       Quadrantids Point Meteor.  January 9, 2006
Aurora1         January 26, 2006
Aurora2          January 26, 2006
Aurora3          January 26, 2006
Aurora           March 06, 2006.
Atmospheric Optics
Iridescent wave cloud
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis
Nacreous Clouds
Atmospheric Optics OPOD
The Northern Lights. December 31, 2014
                     Late December aurora  January 14, 2006
Noctilucent Clouds       2005


                   Norwegian Meteorological Institute


                     Nattlysende Skyer - August, 2007


Flere tangenter og annet snask - February 26, 2007




And also,



              The World At Night - TWAN


                Norway Moonlight


                 Norwegian Green Lights 


                                           Aurora March 06, 2006.

Nasa Spaceweather March 07, 2006. USA
PHYTOM - Space Expeditions  March. 2006.   Rastos De Luz, Portugal

                            Books and Magazines:

Astronomi nr.2 2021. Norway

Astronomi nr.1 2021. Norway

Astronomy Now,  August 2020. UK

Astronomi nr.1 2020. Norway

Astronomi nr.3 2019. Norway

Astronomi nr.2 (May) 2019. Norway

Astronomi nr.1 (February) 2019. Norway

Astronomy Now, May 2018. UK / Astronomi nr.2 2018. Norway

Astronomy Now, April 2018. UK

Astronomy Now, January 2017. UK / Astronomi nr.6 2016. Norway

Astronomy Now, March 2016. UK

Astronomi 2nd issue,  2016. Norway

Astronomy Now, May 2014. UK

Philips Stargazing.The Essential Guide To Astronomy. 2014 UK.  Written by Mark Thompson. 

Philips Stargazing 2013. UK.  Written by H. Couper & N. Henbest 

Sky at Night Magazine, March 2012. UK

   Selected Picture of the Month. Astronomy Now, December 2011. UK


    The Astronomer. October 2011. UK


   Astronomy Now, December 2010. UK


    BBC's Sky at Night Magazine, May 2010. UK


          Astronomy Now, May 2009. UK

               Astronomy Now, September 2008. UK

                    Astronomy Now, April 2008. UK

                       Astronomy Now, December 2007. UK

(Sky & Telescope's) Night Sky Magazine, March/April 2007. United States

                            Astronomy Now, December 2006. UK

                                              The Crescent Moon.

                               Astronomy Now, June 2006. UK

                               Astronomy Now, March 2007. UK                                                               

                                            Noctilucent Clouds. 
                                  Astronomy Now, June 2006. UK

                                                         Aurora Borealis
                                         Astronomy Now, March 2006. UK

                                             Noctilucent Clouds
Raketter på rampen. June 27, 2006. Norwegian Space Centre.  Nytt i Uka. June 7, 2006. Norway.  Astronomy Now Yearbook 2006, UK.  The Astronomer. August 2005,  UK.       NASA/USRA EPOD. September 2, 2005. USA. Astronomy Now, July 2007. UK

                                            Noctilucent Clouds
                          The Astronomer. September 2007.UK 

                                            Quadrantid Point Meteor
      The Astronomer. January 2006. UK / NASA SpaceWeather. January 2006. USA


                                                Disintegrating Meteor (Delta Leonid).

Meteor Trails. American Meteor Society, June Issue 2005. USA
Astronomi 3rd & 4th issue 2005. Norway
Sunnmørsposten. Norway
Møre-Nytt. Norway
Møre. Norway
Dagbladet. Norway
Aftenposten. Norway
Bt. Norway
Nrk. Schrødingers Katt. Norway
Nærnett. Norway

TV2. Norway
Nettavisen. Norway
TVN/Sunnmøre. Norway
P4. Norway
NTB. Norway
Nytt i Uka. Norway
Rastos De Luz. Portugal

The Cosmic Mirror #288. Germany Slovakia






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